Jun 30, 2016 - Making Bond Insurance Pay

June 30, 2016

Optional redemption features are standard in municipal bond issues, so even a seemingly simple decision — selecting the best insurance plan — requires modern option-based analytics. Read Dr. Kalotay's article here.

ClearStructure Enhances Offering With Kalotay Bond Analytics

January 27, 2016

ClearStructure Financial Technology, developer of the award-winning Sentry portfolio management system, and Kalotay Analytics, provider of high speed, high accuracy fixed income analytics, have announced an alliance under which ClearStructure will incorporate Kalotay's fixed income valuation libraries into Sentry PM.

Nov 23, 2015 - Spread(ing) Confusion

November 23, 2015

Many muni professionals shy away from option-adjusted spread (OAS) in favor of the archaic 'yield-to-worst' approach. Correct implementation would undoubtedly attract converts. Read more in Spread(ing) Confusion.

Muni Buyers: Beware of Tax-Deficient Analytics!

June 18, 2015

Bonds trading near or below par are much more sensitive to interest rates than reported by standard analytics systems. What happens to muni prices when rates rise? Read Dr.