Debt Management

Making Bond Insurance Pay

The Bond Buyer, June 30, 2016

Optional redemption features are standard in municipal bond issues, so even a seemingly simple decision — selecting the best insurance plan — requires modern option-based analytics

The Pros and Cons of Premium Bonds

National Assoc. of Municipal Advisors, February 2015

The Bonds That Keep on Saving

Public Utilities Fortnightly

TVA's ratchet bonds are reset lower again.

Call to Issuers: You Pay for Your Options; Why Not Use Them Wisely?

GFOA TODAY, May 2011

Municipal bonds have traditionally been callable after ten years. Alternatives are seldom considered. This "NC-10 structure" is so entrenched that 'scales' showing new issue yields provided by Municipal Market Data and Municipal Market Advisors are for NC-10 bonds, rather than bullet maturities, as would be the norm in the taxable world.

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