Municipal Finance - For Academics

Making the Right Call
Credit (October 2010)
Explains contemporary refunding theory

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What Makes the Municipal Yield Curve Rise?
The Journal of Fixed Income (Winter 2008)
Because the yields are of callable bonds

Subsidized Borrowing and The Discount Rate: The Case of Municipal Capital Budgeting and Financial Management
Municipal Finance Journal (Winter 1999)
Municipalities should value tax-exempt liabilities using their taxable rates

The Timing of Advance Refunding of Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds
Municipal Finance Journal (Summer 1998)
Advance refunding should be decided by comparing the savings from refunding to the option value of the bond

Refunding Tax-Exempt Corporate Bonds in Advance of the Call
The Financier (February 1994)
A case study for an electric utility tender for which AKA served as advisor

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